My Greatest Adventure

Unleashing The Inner Wild Woman

Hey everyone!

I am Anna Gone Wild. This is me in my natural habitat. My happy place.

While this picture below this blurb may hold very little meaning to most…. To me it holds tremendous value. You see it’s the first time I’ve paddled since the ordeal that almost took my life.

A little over two years ago I faced a near death experience while on my honeymoon camping. It’s a miracle I am still here today! I am a girl living as she has never lived before, with another pass at life! It’s been a long road to recovery, regaining strength and also finding courage to face my new fears. Fears that infested themselves after an incredibly traumatic experience. Nature has always been the place that brought calmness, sheer joy, and where I felt the most connected to my Creator. When these fears became so large in my mind that I struggled with going back to the true outdoors it felt as if part of me had died. I refuse to give that up as it would mean loosing a valuable part of what makes me, uniquely myself.

When I look at this picture it inspires me to keep looking within. Not just for myself but for my husband and for my son. It is up to each of us to choose how we play the cards given to us in life. I choose to stand humbly and share my pursuit of a wild life. I hope that by the sharing of my journey to face my fears and knowledge garnered along my journey that it can in turn encourage you to face your own fears.

Do you have fears you wish to slay? Do you long to feel free as you once were? Let me encourage you to embrace your wild within yourself. Unleash that heart of yours that has become restrained and restricted. Join me on this adventure. 🌲

Life Growth

Living Wildly in Northern Ontario

Wilderness Adventure

Have you heard of Nature deficit disorder?

Nature-deficit disorder is the idea that human beings, especially children, are spending less time outdoors, and the belief that this change results in a wide range of behavioral problems.

Time well spent in the wilderness can put everything into a better perspective. Benefiting your mental health. As you follow my journey you will learn about my struggles with PTSD and the sharing of my story. Not only will I share my journey with facing my fears but I will also share what helps me cope day to day.